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Vital statistics
Type Crusade Spell
Effects Force nearby foes into an enemy's world.
Cost to buy ? Souls
Cost to sell ? Souls

The banish curse is a unique crusade spell, in that it does not use totems as a spawning point, but instead sends your own pre existing enemies from your game world into the game world of another player. The banish spell is the same for all factions. 

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • While being the cheapest curse at 500 souls, it is best not to waste them on only trash enemies. Aim to use it on groups mid level enemies mixed in with the trash enemies, as trash enemies can distract and detain while stronger enemies deal damage. 
  • Don't use this curse on enemies that are already damaged, as banishing them will not heal them upon spawning in the other players world, so if you banish an enemy with low health, then they will spawn in the other players world with low health.
  • This curse does not work on bosses/mini bosses