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Troll Broodling
Troll broodling.png
Vital statistics
Class Enemy
Size Small
Variations Normal





Troll Broodlings are one of the basic enemies encountered in the Highlands, Endless Dungeon, and the Netherworld. They can be found in pretty much any situation and are the easiest to kill in comparison to their brethren. Especially since even the slightest hit from a weapon will stun them for a second.

Attack Moves[edit | edit source]

  • Basic scratching melee. If not a normal Broodling, will cause effect damage.
  • Leaping scratch melee. If not a normal Broodling, will cause effect damage.
  • Fast ball rolling attack. If not a normal Broodling, will cause effect damage. Will also stun the player for a second.

Fighting Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Keep them stunned with continuous light sword attacks.
  • To get rid of them quicker, use an area spell like Transmutate.
  • Keep an eye for the rolling attack, try to walk/dash out of the way of this attack whenever possible.
  • Block the regular scratching melee whenever you are unable to stun them with your sword.

Finishing Moves[edit | edit source]

  • Grabbing the Broodling's head and crushing it.
  • Kicking the Broodling's face.
  • Stomping the Broodling's head 2 times then kicking it away.
  • Impaling the Broodling's body with a sword, then kicking it off your sword.
  • Stabbing the Broodling into the ground with a sword, standing on it afterward to pull your sword out.
  • Smashing the Broodling into the ground 3 times with a hammer or mace.
  • Smashing the Broodling's head with a hammer or mace, then stomping it on the ground.
  • Slicing/Smashing the Broodling down the middle of it's back as it lays on the ground with an axe or polearm.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Because of a glitch, every now and then when using a finishing move on an aligned Broodling, the Broodling will render into a normal classed Broodling.