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The Mighty Caos are the champions of the New Gods. They fight, die, and live again to serve their God in the eternal Crusade.
— Lore Stone

Caos are giant humanoid beings that die and come back to life to forever fight for their patron God in the crusade. They are what the players of Ascend: Hand of Kul play as in the game. They constantly Ascend in hopes of one day Transcending.

Ascended Champion[edit | edit source]

An Ascended Champion is an A.I. controlled Caos that fights forever in the crusade. They are set with what ever armor, weapons, spells, and emblems that the player had on it at the time of Ascension.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The very first Caos name was Rel.
  • Caos are created via a torturous process of boiling human blood and melting iron together.
  • When the first Caos waged war against Kul to help humanity, ended up only dooming the world even more.
  • The immortality of a Caos is a curse. Doomed never to die, doomed never to rest. To fight for eternity.
  • From the worsening doom that the war between Caos and Kul brought to humanity, the New Gods formed amongst their cries.