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The Crusade is the name given to the war the New Gods wage for control of the land. It is the multiplayer aspect of Ascend: Hand of Kul.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Once a player has ascended a Caos, he can take part in the Crusade by sending his Ascended Champion to reclaim an altar or a shrine.

On the map tab of the pause menu, the player can select between the Local Dominion map and the Global Crusade.

On the Local Dominion map, the player can see which Dominions have been conquered by other Champions and which he has yet to conquer. He can also see which ones are currently under attack if he dismissed an invasion warning.

On the Global Crusade, the player can see which God controls each Dominion. If the player hovers over an altar or a shrine, he can see three colored bars and the option to invade. The bars represent how many dominions are being controlled by each faction. The invade option allows a player to send his Champions to take over the dominions of other players' worlds. Once he picks that option, the player is prompted to choose which Champion to send. Every time the player ascends, a new Champion is added to the list.

Once the player has sent his Champion, it will start searching for other players to invade at a very slow rate. You shouldn't wait for an update about the invasion as you won't get any until your Caos wins a battle

Issues[edit | edit source]

The Crusade suffers from some issues as the Dark, which has the most players, also dominates the entire map with over 10,000 points above the Light on every dominion.

The Void is left very far behind at a 1/2 rate for both players and dominions.

Neither Light nor Void appears on the Global Crusade map at the moment