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The contents of this page are deemed UNOFFICIAL and as such are unsupported and unsanctioned by the game's developers. There are no warranties or guarantees given when using any unknown software and by continuing you fully accept the risks involved.

About Emulation[edit | edit source]

As the game's official servers are offline, the only way to play Ascend: Hand of Kul again is through Emulation which is an entirely community-driven project. For this reason, there will always be risks involved and you should ensure you are fully prepared prior to setting up.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. First you will need to install the game.
    1. You will need to have Steam installed as well as a Steam account.
    2. Login to your Steam account within the Steam software.
    3. Navigate to this page: steam://install/233630/
      • You will need to copy that link and can either paste it into your Internet Browser or into Steam's Web Browser.
    4. Now you should be installing Ascend: Hand of Kul!

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