Endless Dungeon

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The Endless Dungeon is a random arrangement of infinite dungeon floors that is found in the Sanctum(shown on right). It is unlocked after completing the main storyline in the Highlands.

Key Factors[edit | edit source]

  • Gain Souls at end of the floor but only if you leave once you beat the floor.
  • You bet on your skills to increase the possible earned Souls when you enter a new floor.
  • No Souls gained from killing enemies(Xbox 360).
  • No experience gained except when doing a finishing move(Xbox 360).
  • Gear takes no damage(Xbox 360).
  • Invasions are disabled.
  • Must clear floor, can not dash through to the end of floor and carry on.
  • Every 25 floors is a bonus floor. Once you have beaten this floor you have rooms of chest to loot: anywhere between 3-4 Onyx chest and 7-13 gold chest.
  • Enemies become increasingly hard by a 1 level variation the further down you do. Ex: Level 60(0 Transcensions) player on floor 60 is fighting around level 120 enemies.

Formula[edit | edit source]

Soul Equation.png

This is the formula used to increase the amount of souls you get on each floor, X being the floor that you are currently on.


To simplify the formula it would also be this, X being the floor that you are currently on.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Many people will dashboard or turn their Xbox off at the point of death so that the game doesn't save to the server that they died. Meaning that when they come back into the game they are on the floor they left on. This is counted as cheating and has also been known to corrupt your data server side.
  • Due to a glitch before the December TU, the game would have a chance of freezing when entering floors 4, 8, and so on.
  • Due to a glicth before the December TU, if you had dashed past everything without killing anything, the barriers would not block you from the exit of the floor.