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Vital statistics
Class Enemy


Size Tiny
Variations Normal




Humans are the mortal denizens of the world of Ascend: Hand of Kul. Their faith and fear sustain the Gods of the spirit domain, allowing them to assume tangible forms and exert their wills. The Titans once thrived on the worship of humans, but after gorging on human blood, they lost their ties to the spirit domain and degenerated into mindless, insatiable beasts. The New Gods seek to have humans worship them in order to gain control of the world, but they must first turn humans away from the cults of the Titans.

Enemy[edit | edit source]

Humans can be found throughout the world at various encampments and villages. Altars dedicated to the Titans or enemy alignments can be found at the heart of some settlements, and the humans there will attack any approaching Caos to defend their altar. Once the Caos defeats any resistance though, he may desecrate the altar by beheading its priest and thereby convert the local villagers to the Caos's patron God.

Friendly[edit | edit source]

Allied humans will launch flaming arrows at any hostile humans or creatures that approach, and the Caos can consume their humans to restore health during battle.

Humans can also be called to climb on a Caos's body to fight with him on the go. Any enemy attacks that strike a Caos will also fatally hurt some of his humans.

Human Types[edit | edit source]

  • Archers
  • Soldiers
  • Priests
  • Workers