Kul the Hunter

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Kul the Hunter
Vital statistics
Type of Diety Old God
Domain The Hunt, Survival, and Natural Balance
Apparent Gender Male
But the Age of Kul will come again. In the final days, the Apex will return, and Great Kul the Hunter will raise us up forever.
~ Lore Stone

Kul has had three aspects over the millennia.

He began as a Hunter. In the nascent days of humanity's spread across the shattered world, Kul served as a patron of the hunt, survival, and natural balance. Like many pagan Gods, he was neither good nor evil, but a manifestation of nature itself.

In time, humanity grew in power and technology. They built masterful citadels and towers, and began to truly thrive. In this era Kul took on the form of a wise teacher or seer. The image of Kul with a third eye in his forehead embodies this version of the God. It is in the latter portion of this epoch that Kul was lured to the mortal world by all its bounty. In his final form, Kul took on a beastlike savage. No longer a true God, his power manifested in the poisoning of the Shattered world. This poison took the form of all the monsters and perils of we see in the present day. Men became but fodder for his rage.

It was in these early day’s of Kul’s titan form that the Caos were created as a final defense. Rel, the first of these warriors, made war on Kul but only brought greater doom upon the Shattered world.

And, more tragically, the human race failed to see that they had sacrificed their very humanity in the creation of the Caos. For only a torturous process of boiling blood and molten iron could create such a being, and that being was then doomed never to die, but return forever….driven to battle.

So it was the Shattered world fell into an age of cruelty, and the New Gods were given form from nothingness by the cries of the doomed.