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The fathers of the Sanctus Brotherhood built this temple deep underground on the sacred soul pathways. Here, far from the Titan’s wrath, we remember the Gods of Dark, Light and Void, and preserve the rituals that summon the Caos.
— Lore

The Sanctum is the starting point of the game. It is also the safe haven for players to spawn in. Going here allows for many benefits and sights.

Throne Room[edit | edit source]

Ascend Champions.jpg

The throne room has 4 key points. One is the 3 thrones showing the top 3 players in a alternating alignment based leaderboard sections. There is the Highlands map that sits in front of them and the first 2 lore to the left and right of the map. Lastly there is manikin like spots on the left and right that go along the stairs to the God Rooms which show the number 1 players in none alignment leaderboard sections; also alternates at the same time of the thrones.

God Rooms[edit | edit source]

One room for each of the New Gods, shows them in their own realm but still as statue forms. Here you will also see your most recent 6 Ascended Caos for that alignment in a manikin like form.

The Forge[edit | edit source]

This place allows for free repairing of all your gear even while offline. But it only goes at 2% an hour so repairing items by buying the repair is still faster.

Destination Hub[edit | edit source]

This place has 5 doors that lead into different locations. Five of them are currently locked as they are yet to be added into the game. Currently the only door you may enter is the Endless Dungeon, the Netherworld is able to be entered on occasion. There is a master Codex Plaque in the middle of this room which allows you to read all your collected lore.