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Ogre savage.png
Vital statistics
Class Enemy
Size Large
Variations Hagaz the Killer

Savages are one of the bosses encountered in the Highlands, Endless Dungeon, and the Netherworld. They can be found later in the game as the only ranged and summoner classed large boss. They tend to be tricky to kill as they kick you up close and throw spears at a distance, as well as summon Witch Doctor at any time.

Attack Moves[edit | edit source]

  • The Savage swings its spear sideways.
  • The Savage thrusts its spear forward. If connected, then lifts the player in the air, then stabs them down to the ground, accompanied by two twists and the removal of its spear from the player.
  • Swings its spear upward followed by a downward punch and if connected, two more swings with its spear. Punch is unblockable.
  • The Savage swiftly kicks. Kick is unblockable.
  • The Savage throws its spear.
  • The Savage throws three spears in rapid succession.
  • Ignites three spears via its hoof, then throws them consecutively, tiring itself out for a few short seconds.
  • The Savage puts its spear to its chest and disappears. Then it reappears summoning five Witch Doctors.

Fighting Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Hit and run tactics work best against Savages. Using a fast weapon such as a one-handed hammer can help you get in more attacks before you have to dash away from his kick attack
  • Spells like Meteor Storm, Black Hole, and Transmutate can help eliminate the Witch Doctors it summons.
  • You can also stop the summon entirely by using stun spells like Ionized Bolt and Frost Bolt. Will still work even after he disappears.
  • Keep your eye on the savage if you decide to fight it with melee. If it is doing a blockable move, then block, if not, then dash away.

Finishing Moves[edit | edit source]

  • The player pulls the spear from the Savage's grasp, draws it back, and impales it through the Savage's head, removing the Savage's helmet in the process, and bringing it to a kneeling position.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The only Savage currently in the game is Hagaz the Killer. There are no unnamed variations of the Savage. Since the Savage is a class of enemy, it is believed that there will be unnamed and named Savages to be added later.
  • The Savage is the only large boss in the game that is able to summon other entities.
  • The Savage is the only entity in the game to use ranged weapons.
  • The attack where the Savage impales you and throws you into the air and slams you down is entirely blockable. This is thought to be a glitch.