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Alignment Spells Crusade Spells
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Alignment Spells are rechargeable spells able to be used in regular combat. There are currently 14 spells aligned with the New Gods. The spells can vary between missile, area of effect, and more. Throughout the world of Ascend, you will encounter ghostly forms of other players. Send curses or blessings so that your Gods might will flourish.
Light Spells
  • Blessing: Health Boost
  • Blessing: Durability Boost
  • Blessing: Shield of the Gods
  • Curse: Light Broodling
  • Curse: Storm Wolves
  • Curse: Light Witch Doctors
  • Curse: Light Troll Warrior
Void Spells
  • Blessing: Magic Cooldown
  • Blessing: XP Boost
  • Curse: Void Broodling
  • Curse: Shadow Wolves
  • Curse: Void Witch Doctors
  • Curse: Void Troll Warrior
Dark Spells
  • Blessing: Attack Speed
  • Blessing: Run Speed
  • Curse: Dark Broodling
  • Curse: Infernal Hounds
  • Curse: Dark Witch Doctors
  • Curse: Dark Troll Warrior
Unaligned Spells
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