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Transcension is much like Ascension, your Caos dies and returns back to life. Leaving your previous Caos form to fight in the crusade in the way you left it. There is one difference though, you only transcend once you reach the maximum level in the game. If you choose to Transcend you float up slowly in a light like shown in the picture to the right.

When to Transcend[edit | edit source]

You are able to start Transcending at level 60. You can choose to Transcend as soon as you get the oppourtunity to or you can wait to stack up on souls and just farm for a little bit.

Where to Transcend[edit | edit source]

You are able to Transcend in the Crusade tab of your back menu at any time and place once you unlock the ability to Transcend.

Why Transcend[edit | edit source]

When you reach the maximum level you can temporarily no longer earn the emblems from Ascending. If you Transcend though you completely reset your self except for Souls, emblems, and cosmetics. This means you can go on the trek of leveling up to give your self more Ascensions and emblems after Transcendance. Note that everytime you Transcend your enemies become slightly stronger by 1 level variation so this is a good way for players who find the game to easy to make things harder on them selves.

What Happens at Transcension[edit | edit source]

Once you choose to Transcend, you enter an area of floating platforms much like when you Ascend. There are no pedastals here though since you are unable to keep your items with you after you Transcend. This also means that legacy items and spells disapear as well. You do keep your emblems and Souls though, so you might want to sell everything you own before going ahead.

Now you walk forward in to this little small pool. There you are stripped to just your basic loin cloth. This checkpoint is a point of no return so make sure you have sold all your extra items that your Transcended Caos won't be using before you come here. Here your Caos separates from you to fight in the crusade.

Now you walk forward again and to the 3 statues of the New Gods, here you choose what alignment you want to be until your next ascension. After choosing you can create your Caos, this gives you the chance to do any cosmetic changes to your Caos that you desire. Name your Caos afterwards and then choose armor and weapons like you did at the beginning of the game. After that, you start off at the beginning of the game, having to do the entire story line, buy spells, and so forth all over again.